Support 20 Nepali orphans feed and go to school

Project1This project has been created by Community Development Center(CDC) Kathmandu Nepal to assist an orphanage entitled Sarita Children Home, Samakhusi Kathmandu. This project will help feed 20 orphaned and helpless kids of the organization and as well as support to create educational opportunity for them at one of the best schools in Kathmandu so that they can be self dependent in their future life.

There are 20 orphaned and helpless kids at Sarita Children Home Samakhushi, Kathmandu . Because of lack of sufficient fund the organization has been unable to provide sufficient food to them. As a result some of the have been suffering from Malnutrition. The organization does not have enough fund to pay for their educational expenditures well as their medical bills and other administrative cost.


The 7.8 Richter scale great quake on April 25 and May 12 2015 slaughtered more than 8000 individuals all through Nepal. A huge number of individuals' homes have been demolished and they have been destitute. We see there is high probability of the tremor stricken families' children to be denied of school education in Nepal. CDC Nepal would like to support those children in Kathmandu valley as well is surrounding district to continue their school education.

CDC Nepal will raise fund from people and associations online through worldwide and will distribute school stationery, school dress and other instructive materials to 300 tremor stricken children in the Kathmandu valley as well its surrounding districts. In the project young 16 years will get support for education for about USD 100 for one year.