aboutus-1Community Development Center (CDC) Nepal is a registered nonprofit social organization established in Kathmandu in 2011 by a group of active social workers. The organization has been registered at District Administration office Kathmandu and its registration number is 333. The organization has also been affiliated in the government of Nepal , Social service Kathmandu.

The organization has a committee of nine members. We are 7 male and 2 female members. The organization has been running with volunteer service. Till now there is not a payable staff.

Although we have involved in different jobs, we spare some free time volunteer at the organization. A reputed trekking company from Kathmandu has provided a room for us in free of cost.

The mission of CDC Nepal is simple. It has been established To Help the Helpless. Through CDC Nepal we would like to serve the orphaned and helpless, poorest children as well as helpless elderly people in our community. We support those children who are deprived of getting educational opportunity for various regions in Nepal. We provide educational scholarship to them so that they can obtain quality education can be self dependent in their future lives and can be able to break vicious cycle of poverty.aboutus-2

We see there are many elderly people in our society. Because of the old age they are unable earn a living. They have nobody to take care of them. They are forced to beg by sitting at the corner of the street. We would like to support them so that they can spend rest of their life comfortably

CDC Nepal is for helpless children as well as helpless elderly people. We would like to raise the fund from the rich and well off people and spend on the poor.